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Let it be known that this order of membership is by invitation only. If you have not been expressly invited to fill out this form, please find the appropriate order of membership forum!

Image: Feel free to place a commission or some other graphic representing your character here. (Or not!)

In-Character Name: Your character's full name
Out-of-Character Name: Your character's in-game handle, with any applicable alt codes.
Discord Name: Your Discord username for ease of access. Feel free to exclude this if you are already in our Discord.
Guild: The Guild your character is in
Guild Rank: Your character's rank in the same guild
Church Rank: Your character's rank in the Church, if applicable (e.g., Student, Priest, Master Paladin)
Orders: If applicable as a priest or paladin, the bishop, dignitary, or Shepherd who conferred onto you your rank, and a date as to when those same orders were conferred. An NPC, even one made up, is OK here.
History: Few free to write a bit about your character's history, especially how they came to join the Communion. Few free also to exclude this field, if you desire.
Strengths/Talents: What does your character have to offer her community? (Example: teaching ability, organization, military leadership, can count past 6.) If applicable, do you have any talents that you are willing to use to help the Communion? (Example: Art, graphic design, history buff, knowledge of get-rich-quick schemes, the like.)
Aspirations: What are your hopes for your participation in the Communion? If you wish to exclude this field to have this discussion personally, that is OK.

Feel free to add additional fields here to your heart's content.
Examples: Appearance, Best Hours to RP, a guess at how many whiskers constitute Moorwhelp's beard).
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