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Name: Clergy of the Holy Light

Leader: Moorwhelp

Contacts: Moorwhelp (Education, General), Tyragonfal (Diplomacy, Finances, Charity), Jadelia (Internal Affairs, Protection), Arganys (General)

Mission Statement:
We play the members of the original church seen in the Warcraft games, the RPG books, and in World of Warcraft. We hope to continue to breathe life into and build upon this lore for our own enjoyment and the enjoyment those who choose to roleplay with us. Our primary directive is to preserve a high quality of immersion and cohesion among the Light-focused roleplay community.

Within the Northshire Communion, the Clergy hopes to integrate its self into an inclusive education system, charity events with some impact for characters & players, conflict-driven storyline, and a high church culture to immerse ourselves in.
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